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About the Course:

As a newbie to meditation, getting started can be a bit overwhelming, confusing and at times..frustrating!

In this 3-Day email-based Meditation eCourse I will give you an introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, including:

1) What it is

2) It's Health Benefits

3) How it can help you better manage stress & anxiety symptoms 

4) The importance of regular practice, and

5) Other meditation tips for beginners

Before I discovered Meditation and Mindfulness, I felt stressed and anxious ALL THE TIME! 

I found it hard to let go, switch off my thoughts and deal with emotions as they rose. Rather than dealing with them in a healthy way I would suppress them, hoping that they'd just go away...

As you can expect, this just wasn't the case!

Since starting my Meditation practice, I have noticed such a dramatic change in how I feel on the inside and I have greater control over my thoughts & emotions.

I have learned how to cope with anxiety and stress symptoms in a much healthier and natural way. I really want the same for you!! 

If you're finding it difficult to cope with stress and anxiety, Meditation and Mindfulness is definitely a natural exercise that can help you! Take one step closer to a happier and more fulfilled life! 

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